Top 10 Aussie French Bulldogs of Instagram

French Bulldog Instagram

French bulldogs, aka Frenchies, are unmistakable for their big ears and curious expressions. Along with those big ears, Frenchies have big hearts and a laid-back demeanor. With all the #frenchiesofinstagram to choose from, we’re here to help you find the cutest frenchies in Aussieland. Here’s our list of frenchies we love to follow.

1. Miss Olive & Lady Mabel @miss_olive_the_frenchie

These two sisters call Sydney home, and with 70,000 plus followers, you can see why they top the list. These two frenchies have personality and style! What we love most about Olive and Mabel is the cute way they snuggle!


2. Trooper @trooperblue

With 28,000 followers, Trooper is a favorite for a reason. Hailing from Sydney, Trooper is an adorable blue frenchie. He’s 100% raw fed and happy as a lark. What we love about Trooper, besides his collection of sweaters, is the pleasure he gets from rubbing his nose in the sand.

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3. Remy @remy.the.frenchie

Remy is a self-proclaimed cheese connoisseur living in Melbourne. While it’s clear he loves the outdoors, he cleans up well. We love Remy because he looks good in a bow tie.

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4. Kendrick @kendrick_le_frenchie

Kendrick is an adorable black frenchie with a splash of white. This little up-and-coming pup loves car rides and tummy rubs. What we love best about Kendrick is his tongue – he loves to hang it loose!


5. George @george_frenchiedog

George, nicknamed Nugget, is one big nugget of cuteness! He eats blueberries and loves tennis balls. What we love most about George is that he’s got the cute dog head tilt thing down.


6. Roman & Miss Letty @orabrabfrenchies

Roman is an adorable red fawn frenchie that occasionally gets photobombed by his kid sis, Miss Letty. While these two look swag in a jacket, what we love most about them is their napping style.


7. Frederic Stack @frenchbulldog_frederic

Freddy, as he prefers, chills out in Melbourne. This young stud loves to nap and looks dapper in a bow tie. We love Freddy because his doppelganger is Ice Cube.


8. Millie Moo @midnightmillie_the_frenchie

This young gal is not even a year old and is already gaining popularity. Millie Moo looks adorable in sweaters and dreams of traveling to Italy. What we love most about Millie is that she still has those sweet puppy eyes.


9. Ned @ned_thefrenchie

Ned only has a small following but a big smile. He’s had quite the adventure in his short life by moving from Perth to Sydney, but he seems to love every minute. What we love about Ned is seeing him play in his little doggie pool.

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10. Pascal @pascal_pup

Pascal the Wascal lives in South Australia and loves every second! He wears a flower crown like no other and can play tug-of-war with the big boys. What we love most about Pascal is his love of horses.

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Honorable Mention

There are so many adorable #frenchiesofinstagram, we can’t stop at just 10!

Picasso @picassothefrenchy

He might make a small mess when left alone, but his sweet eyes won’t let you stay mad at him for long!

Drake® @drake_the_frenchy

Best friends with Picasso, we love him for his playfulness and the way he can stretch it out.

Luca The Frenchie @lifeofluca_frenchie

At only 10 months old, Luca is a little star. We adore the way he smiles when he sleeps.

Bruno B The Frenchie @bruno_thebrute

Bruno loves the beach and living life in the fast lane. What we love is how good he looks in sunglasses!

Did we miss your favorite Australian French Bulldog? Contact us and let us know!

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