Top 10 Australian Mini Dachshunds of Instagram

Instagram Mini Dachshund

Dachshunds, doxies, dox, wiener, wienie, sausage... Whatever you call them, dachshunds always bring a smile to those who see them. There is something very appealing about their unique shape, glossy coats, and lively personalities that make them perennially popular.

So, just who are the top 10 Australian mini dachshunds of Instagram? We've compiled a list of these sprightly little scent hounds that have the kind of followings that any TV presenter would envy. They are definitely social media darlings!

1. King Kingsley @kingkingsley__

This miniature long-haired doxie hails from the Gold Coast. At just under a year of age, this little fellow already has 52,000 followers! What we love most about him are his expressive eyes.  


2. Arlo @arlo.thedachshund

Arlo is a tri-coloured dachshund with long, silky hair. She has nearly 17,000 followers and lives in Queensland. We love her bright coat color and how 'pettable' she looks.


3. Hamish @hamish_the_dachshund

This golden wienie was born with a bob tail, but his photos show him positively glowing with health and vitality. He lives in Perth and only has 2,100 followers. Give Hamish some love - we just adore his little smiling face!

A photo posted by Hamish (@hamish_the_dachshund) on


4. Frankie @frankie.the.sausage 

This wiener's person describes her as "Half a dog high, one and a half dogs long". How true! She may be short, but she has a mighty presence with over 65,000 followers! We love how she eats peanut butter from a spoon.


5. Willow @world.of.willow            

This black and tan mini dox lives in Melbourne and has nearly 51,000 followers. Welove her smart jumper collection!


6. River @river_the_mini_dachshund 

This little red cutie also hails from the Gold Coast. She has nearly 67,000 followers. What we love most about her is the way she sticks her little tongue out - so adorable!    


7. Tilda @talesoftilda  

This black and tan dox positively glows - she may be the shiniest sausage ever! She was born just last May and already has nearly 3,000 followers. Did we mention how much we love how shiny she is?   


8. Pablo @pablo_the_mini_dachshund

This long-haired black and tan doxie from Brisbane has just over 6,700 followers. He has the most adorable fluffy ears. We just love them!


9. George @itsgeorgeous

George also hails from Brisbane and has almost 8,000 followers. We love his obviously big personality. And how this sausage is eyeing that hamburger!

A photo posted by George (@itsgeorgeous) on


10. Pluto @minidoxiepluto

Another black and tan scent hound, Pluto has 35,000 followers. We love how cute he looks in his bow tie and how he can balance things on his nose!


Honorable Mention

We know our title said 10, but...

Cosmo @cosmothedachshund

This little boy has almost 36,000 followers and lives in Perth. We love how proudly he carries his palm frond!

Honey Bun @theadventuresofhoney

This cute little red wiener has a face as sweet as her name. She hails from Brisbane and has 54,000 followers. We love her gentle, expressive face.

Lilly Rose And Daisy May @lillyanddaisydachshunds

At nearly 12 years, Lilly Rose is a veteran sausage. She and baby Daisy May have slightly over 9,000 followers. We love how they cuddle despite the difference in their ages.

...think we missed someone who deserves mentioning? Contact Us and let us know! Show us an Aussie doxie with a big smile and a fluffy coat, and we'll show you a pup that we love.

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