We love Canine Boost as not only does it contain Omega to assist with our skin allergies and hotspots, it also contains Vitamins D and E. As older dogs, Vitamin E helps with those fatty lumps that we have developed and is helping reduce the size of my "love pads" (doggy equivalent to human love handles).

- Teddy & Lola @teddywt, Welsh Terriers (Melbourne)

Working with sensitive blood lines, and being fully aware of skin conditions associated with such breeds, we were obviously apprehensive about Canine Boost at first. Our vet bills are already expensive and cortisone prescriptions are common. Within six months though, we've seen a marked decrease in skin hot spots and bad breath, and attribute this to the supplementing of natural fatty acids through Canine Boost. Canine Boost is standard dietary protocol for all of our dogs now.
- G. LanFrankie, Bullmastiff Breeder (Nerang, Queensland)

I am a boosted pooch! Thanks to @CanineBoost for boosting my nutritional intake by adding essential Omega 3 Fatty Acids & Vitamins to my daily meals. I now have a healthy, balanced diet & my coat has never been more glossy ??? _____________________________________________________________ P a w e s o m e F a c t s: * 100% Natural & Australian Made * Human-grade Quality * Save money on vet bills _____________________________________________________________ Check them out friends! Use code RIVER5OFF to chew 5% off your order!! Plus FREE shipping everywhere in Australia. Link in Bio ?? _____________________________________________________________ . . . #canineboost #boostyourpooch #dogsupplements #healthydog #happydog #dogfood #dogcare #doghealth #dogvitamins #dognutrition #doglover #furbaby #cute #pethealth #petcare #petsupplements #petproducts #caninehealth #canine #nutrients #essentials #omega3 #healthydiet #balanceddiet #naturalproduct #naturalhealth #natural #australianmade

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The greatest thing is that our dogs love it! Mate, I figured they wouldn't eat it but they actually love the taste. We pump it on the biscuits three times a day and they're all over it. Good stuff!
- Jason M., Labrador Owner (Carrara, Queensland)

I've been using Canine Boost for my puppies for the last two months, and it's dramatically reduced the strong "dog odour" in my Hong Kong apartment. My local Hong Kong vet even carries Canine Boost now, after we discussed the results. He recommends it as a way to help prevent the rash symptoms that plague pups in the Hong Kong summertime heat.
- Nick Crawford (Hong Kong)

I own a beautiful German Shepard, Layla, just a most beautiful animal, a delight, with one expensive exception. She is very sensitive and gets sick easily, and this is where Canine Boost has helped her tremendously.

Layla cost $2,000. She is now 4 years old and for the first 3 years of her life, went to the vet every 2-3 months for a variety of skin disorders and odour problems. For the last 12 months though, Layla hasn't gone to the vet once. Though she gets the same food and lives in the same environment, she's finally happy and healthy, and I believe the increased vitamins and healthy fats in Canine Boost are responsible. If nothing else, at approximately $200 per Vet visit, raising Layla is now much more affordable, and Canine Boost definitely plays a role in that.
- Jo, German Shepard Owner (Gold Coast)

Does your dog love Canine Boost?