Partner With Us

Due to increasing levels of interest both domestic and overseas, Canine Boost is now seeking exclusive distribution partners in Australia and worldwide.

We’re looking for quality companies to help spread Canine Boost's all-natural solution for making dogs healthy and beautiful. You can be the first to bring Canine Boost's unique solution to your country, getting credit (and thanks) from your local dog lovers.

In addition to setting yourself apart in your market, there is an opportunity to generate substantial income. Our first partner in China is forecasting sales of $40,000 (AUD) per month in 2017. This partner is an online-only ecommerce distributor, and by having the exclusive rights to Canine Boost, they are creating repeat customers for their own line of dog health and cosmetic products.

Our partners purchase an initial foundation of inventory for local shipping, and can then sell wholesale to brick-and-mortar locations, or through their own points-of-sale to earn the full retail margin. We are also interested in offering exclusive distribution rights to interested companies. Partners share in all online promotional activity through social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

Be the first in your country to bring Australia's innovative, all-natural solution for making dogs healthy and beautiful.

Please fill out the form on our Contact page or email us at for more information.