Top 10 Aussie Pugs of Instagram

Instagram Pug

With their smushy faces and adorable eyes, pugs are some of the most beloved dogs out there. They have so much personality and love to give. There are so many Aussie #pugsofinstagram you could follow, but we've collected our top ten favorite puggers for you right here.

1. Norton and Mouse @nortonmousepugs

With over 17,000 followers, Norton and Mouse are two up-and-coming pugs. The adventurers hail from Sydney, and what we love most about these two cuties are all of their bandanas and hats! 


2. Homer Pugalicious @homerpugalicious

Homer's foodie pics are too exceptional to pass up. This pup loves to pose with slices of pizza, his stuffed pugs, and cool sunglasses! Our favorite thing about Homer is his ability to lay unashamed in a pile of french fries.


3. Norm @jermzlee

Norm is one of our most artsy pugs. He's excellent at taking selfies, and he loves to go on adventures with his owner, Jeremy. What we love about Norm are his super sweet eyes.

A photo posted by Jeremy Veach (@jermzlee) on


4. Mochi @justanotherdogblog

One of Mochi's favorite pastimes is styling herself like celebrities. This small pup from Sydney also enjoys ice cream and date nights with her friend, Frank (@_frankthepug_). We love how much Mochi communicates with her facial expressions!

A photo posted by Mochi (@justanotherdogblog) on


5. Dante @dante_thepug

Dante is an adorable black pug from Sydney. He rocks a blue vest most days, but can also really pull off a bow tie. He likes to hang out snuggled up in blankets. What we love most about Dante are his eyes and smile! 

A photo posted by Bec and Dante (@dante_thepug) on


6. Romeo and Juliet @lifeofromeoandjuliet

These two lovebirds spend their days (and nights *wink*) in Melbourne. What we love about Romeo and Juliet is how cute they are together! 


7. Winston and Phoebe @bigpug_littlepug

Winston (the big pug) and Phoebe (the little pug) are two cute black pugs kickin' it in Angleasea. They are the best of friends and even run an Etsy shop together. We love how they are always snuggling!


8. Messina @messinathepug

From Melbourne, Messina is a beautiful tan and brown pug with over 23,000 followers. What we love about her is how she loves to stick her tongue out!


9. Julio Javier Jalapeno @juliojavierjalapenothepug

The spiciest pug to grace our top ten, Julio Javier Jalapeno likes his treats, toys, and going swimming! What we love most about Julio are his big, soft ears!


And finally...

10. Nigel and Walter @nigel_walter

Aussie brothers Nigel and Walter are new to the Instagram scene with only 800 followers. These two are great models, often sporting fashionable clothes and even funny wigs, but what we love most about them are their pug rolls!



Honorable Mention

Because there are too many cute pugs to leave these out!

Biscuit and Pikelet @mrbiscuitthepug

Bear the Pug @bearthepug2014

Wynstan and Doug @wyndougs_pug_life

 Think we missed a studly pug in our list of the top Australian pugs of Instagram? Contact us and let us know!

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