A Beginner's Guide to Using Canine Boost

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A lot of behind the scenes work goes into a healthy, happy, photogenic pup.  If you are a dog owner then you already know it is a tough and sometimes messy job! But when you see your furry friend getting the most out of life and looking like a million bucks, it's all worth it. Canine Boost gives your dog the boost of nutrition it takes to get there, but just like us, it's not just the diet that matters, it's the execution!

 Here is a simple three-step beginner's guide to getting the best results from Canine Boost.  

1.  Use the right amount.  Eating a single spinach leaf won't fulfill your vegetable intake for the day, don't make this mistake with your dog's dosage of Canine Boost. If he/she is less than 10kg it takes just one pump. Between 10kg and 18kg you use two pumps in their food. If you've got a bigger dog, weighing more than 18kg, three pumps are necessary. There are a lot of vitamins and minerals in Canine Boost that you shouldn't let your dog miss out on. Make sure you are measuring the right amount.  

2.  Be consistent. Missing a step in your daily routine has its implications. If you forget to brush your teeth at night, chances are you won't like how they look the next morning. The same rule applies to your dog and making sure Canine Boost is given at every mealtime. If you are skipping meals, results will take longer and your dog is missing out on its nutrition for the day. Healthy is a lifestyle that requires daily work.  

3. Don't irritate your dog!  Of course, bath time is a messy affair, and a great opportunity to take fun pictures with your pup. You make time regularly for bathing and use a breed specific shampoo. You take the time to brush them before the bath, make sure to follow through after the bath, and thoroughly dry your dog. Letting your dog run around wet or damp is messy and perhaps a little annoying for you, it's even more annoying for your dog. Being wet or damp irritates their skin, causing them to scratch, and maybe causing you to mistake your dog for being sick. Save yourself an unneeded call to the vet's office, and dry your dog completely after their baths.  

These tips are simple, but necessary for keeping your dog looking their best. If you aren't willing to follow these three steps, no product in the world is going to keep your dog from looking a little rough and messy!

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