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Diet and Nutrition

With so many passionate, incredible advocates for dog health and wellness out there, we decided to highlight five more blogs that we just love (and hope you will too!). Many voices out there offer opinions without the support of references or research, but these five dog nutrition websites provide fascinating, evidence-based nutritional information that'll keep your pup happy and healthy.

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So, without further ado...


Pet Health & Nutrition

Dr. Susan Wynn is the keeper of this blog, and she does a great job of responding to trending questions about dog nutrition with scientific references. The only downside to this blog is that there haven't been many posts for a couple of years, but it is still a good resource with relatively recent information and studies.


This blog is one of the best when it comes to quality sources, as the Skeptvet often cites peer-reviewed journals. The author, Dr. Brennen McKenzie, addresses current trends and concerns in dog nutrition, such as raw meat diet, Omega-3's, and the uses of coconut oil. An active and current blog, Skeptvet is visually appealing and simple to navigate, as he lists topics in a column to the right. 

Weeth Nutrition

Maintained by board-certified veterinary nutritionist Dr. Lisa Weeth, this blog addresses both general nutrition and common health problems like cancer and pancreatitis. Dr. Weeth does a great job of not only citing clinical studies to support her answers to common questions, but of helping readers become informed consumers by showing how some interested parties frame the results of various studies to fit their own needs. She is all about balance and moderation.

Dr. Jean Dodd's Pet Health Resource Blog

This blog maintained by Dr. Dodd provides advice on common nutritional concerns, citing clinical studies. She discusses not only the ratios of macro and micronutrients in dog foods, but also nutrient quality. Dr. Dodd has posts on everything from raw meat diets to soy-based protein in dog foods to the benefits of adding pumpkin to your dog's diet. The blog is current, and she adds new articles regularly.

Speaking for Spot

Dr. Nancy Kay writes this blog, which is home to posts on a variety of canine health topics. The blog casts a wide net and is not only geared toward nutrition, but she has a variety of posts on nutritional supplements, including fish oil supplements. She cites studies that show a variety of benefits offered by Omega-3s.

We hope you find these resources to be helpful. As with any information on the Internet, always cross-reference and seek second opinions! 

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