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A dog's fur is a reflection of its health. When a pup has a shiny, luxurious coat, chances are it's pretty healthy on the inside and out. So how can you ensure that your pet is living the good (healthy!) life and looking like a million bucks? Focus on three things: quality of diet, frequency of bathing, and grooming.

Healthy Diet with Lots of Protein

A dog should always be fed a high quality protein-based dog food. Many processed dog foods don't contain the ingredients necessary for a healthy, balanced diet, and you know what that means - a low energy dog, with dull-looking fur.

Always look at the ingredients on a dog food package label and be sure that the first ingredient listed is protein. Preferable protein ingredients are chicken, salmon, turkey, and lamb. Always avoid dog foods that list grain or animal by products as the first ingredient - that's a one-way ticket to sickville.

Bathing (but not too much!)

Baths are obviously a good choice for your dog's fur, but don't let things get out of hand. Once or twice per month is more than enough, unless your pup has a thing for playing in the mud.

If that is the case, be sure to us an extremely mild dog shampoo. Baby shampoo is not powerful enough to remove the oils to which dirt adheres, and human shampoos are not recommended because the various fragrances are irritating to the respiratory system of a dog. Remember to always use a high-quality pet shampoo that is designed to bring out the shine and luster in your pup's coat.

Brushing and Massaging

Grooming does a fantastic job of enhancing the luster of a dog's coat. Stimulation of the skin during brushing helps bring oxygen to the surface, which enhances the healthfulness of the skin and fur.

One thing to remember, though: it's necessary to always brush in the direction that the fur lies, to help distribute natural oilsr. Gently use a comb to remove tangles that occur, especially in longer-haired dogs.

Did We Mention Diet?

Protein isn't the only important part of a dog's diet. Since each dog's dietary needs vary, and every dog food is different, supplements can be a real boost toward maintaining healthy fur. Supplementing with Canine Boost is an easy way to enhance your dog's nutritional intake with the exact balance of nutrients they need for world-class, shiny fur.

Being rich in Vitamins A, D, and E and combined with Cod Liver Oil, Canine Boost added to a dog's diet restores skin that is dry, flaky, or itchy. It also helps with scaly skin and has anti-inflammatory properties for dogs with allergies that cause them to scratch.

Additionally, it helps to maintain healthy teeth and bones, promotes healthy vision, and aids in fat metabolism. This might seem off the point, but it's not - a healthy dog is going to look like a healthy dog.

After four to six weeks of using Canine Boost, you're going to see major improvements in the shine, thickness, and odor of your pup's fur. Our customers brag about this all the time, and we love to see it.

Get your Canine Boost. Use healthy, natural shampoos designed for your breed. Brush that fur, and get plenty of protein in your pet's diet. Before you know it, your dog is going to be fit for magazine covers.

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