#1 Essential Nutrient Your Dog Needs: Omega Fatty Acids

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Dogs need a lot of things to keep them feeling as healthy and happy as possible; a good diet, lots of exercise, and of course plenty of love and attention. However, even if you're doing all of this for your dog, he may still be missing out on key nutritional goodies that regulate hormones, metabolism, and even behavior (it's true!)

In this series, we'll look at the key vitamins, minerals, essential fats and other nutrients your pup needs for a happy, healthy life. #1 on the list is...

Omega Fatty Acids

You probably already know that omega fatty acids are an important nutrient for humans. We need them in order to have healthy skin, hearts, and minds. Omega fatty acids do everything from helping our thyroids function to giving us good eyesight, but our bodies can't produce them on our own. Our physiology is designed to utilize a good balance of omega fatty acids from nuts and seeds, clean meats and oily fish. 

Dogs are the same way! Omega fatty acids are necessary building blocks for their bodies, but they can't produce them on their own. Unfortunately, commercial canned and dry foods just don't contain the optimal balance of essential fats that dogs need.

Wild dogs, eating a natural diet, consume tons of raw meat and bones, with tons of essential fats. They sometimes have a difficult time digesting vegetables, and you know what they never eat? Grains. Never. So unless your little guy is chomping down lots of fish or burying meat in the backyard, chances are, an Omega fatty acid supplement is going to be important for him.

Just like us, dogs can suffer from a variety of health problems when they are missing Omegas from their diets. Dry, flaky skin, a dull coat, and bad breath are all common indicators that your dog is lacking in Omega fatty acids. A dog low in fatty acids may be listless, tired, and uninterested in things, and older dogs often suffer from achy joints.

Omega fatty acid supplements won't only make your dog look better - by giving them healthy skin and a glossy, shiny coat - but they can do wonders for your dog's overall health and well-being. Not all supplements are created equal, so be sure to choose a high quality Omega to help your dog feel his best.

If you want to start adding Omegas to your dog's diet, visit our website to learn about how our high-quality Omegas can help your dog live his healthiest life!

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